Nicole kidman interracial dating

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They play guitar and dance and that's his pick-up truck.""The great thing about being married to a musician..have music in the house all the time," Kidman, the star of course a capable singer who's been known to sing a duet or two with her husband, continued.

"There is something very joyful about having music. He'll just play piano at 7 in the morning that's what we have, is breakfast around the piano and very much a part of our life."But life hasn't just been all romance and family jam sessions for the couple, who perhaps appreciate what they have even more today due to what they went through early on in their relationship.

A few weeks later, Urban was looking at his wife on the red carpet at the 2016 Met Gala last month as if he'd just stumbled upon the fairest of them all, the two of them carrying on their own private little love affair amid thousands of camera flashes.

And while fashion's biggest night may sound more like her jam than his, the couple have seamlessly flowed back and forth between their seemingly separate worlds, none of that we-don't-do-carpets-together business for them: Kidman is now a fixture at the CMAs, the ACMAs, the CMTs, etc., and she attended the 2015 finale, while Urban has been to more Oscars, Golden Globes and SAG Awards than he probably ever envisioned when he was starting out on the country circuit in the late '90s.

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We were a mixture of frightened and brave."Kidman admitted that it was a "deeply painful" place that prompted Urban into recovery, but since, "I've learned an enormous amount having a relationship with someone who is in recovery. The two of us are very committed to our relationship." came out."I didn't give a s--t about anything except turning a corner in my life and doing whatever it took for that. Their milestone anniversary approaching, a source told E! Maybe one cool kind of, you know..kind of text." Oh, but Ellen made him say it, playing coy."Nice, sex texting," he offered. The girls are like that too now, so we take them everywhere."And funny enough, they spent their ninth anniversary in Michigan while Urban was touring, and he just played Clarkston, Mich., on Thursday.